Printable FESTIVE sewing cards

Elf on the shelf with yarn and lace cards printable via seejaneblog

Looking for an activity to keep your kiddos busy this month? Maybe santa needs a little extra time to get things done…

This is it! Let the little people in your life practice their sewing skills! The best part, I thought this was fun, so your older kids might like it too! Be creative with your yarn choices – or use more than one at a time!

What you need:

1) Printable festive sewing cards (download HERE).
2) Use a hole punch to punch out the circles marked around the designs.
3) Using a yarn needle and fun selection of yarn colors – teach the kids in your life how to sew!

Christmas lace cards printable via seejaneblog

snowman lace card printable via seejaneblog

christmas gift lace card via seejaneblog

lace cards printable - use with multiple yarns - via seejaneblog

christmas tree lace card via seejaneblog

holiday lace cards printable via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf arrives with lace cards and yarn via seejaneblog

If you use this idea, or any other SeeJaneBlog ideas, please share your photos on instagram with the hash tag #seejaneblog or tag me, @see_jane – I would love to see!

More Elf on the shelf ideas here. Happy making!!! xo.

Printable designed by lovely Lindsay. Idea, styling and photos by me, Jane Rhodes


ELF ON THE SHELF – report card printable

elf on the shelf report card printable via seejaneblog

Need to give your kiddos a message that they are behaving really well or being a little stinker? Here’s your chance! Print these Elf on the shelf report cards HERE, and check off whichever boxes apply to your kiddos!

Have your teenagers been driving too fast? kissing too many boys or girls? Have your little ones been wetting the bed a little too often? Or, do you have a perfect angel??? It’s all on there!

Elf on the shelf printable report cards from the north pole via seejaneblog

North pole report card via seejaneblog

Elf on the Shelf - North pole report card via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf behavior checklist printable via seejaneblog

Curious how to get retro black-framed glasses for your elf? click here and print!

More Elf on the shelf ideas can be found right here!

Pencils by Kate Spade.

Printable designed by the lovely Lindsay. Photos by me, Jane Rhodes



I am excited to announce that there will be two L I T T L E R E T R E A T S for December!!!

The first one, on Tuesday, December 16th has a few spots left if you’d like a ticket – head over HERE.

The schedule & menu for the evening:

Drinks & hors d’oeuvres

Two flat breads:
Butternut Squash, Bacon, Cider Onion, and Sage
Ricotta and pomegranate salsa

Soup: Tomato Basil w/ Grilled Cheese Croutons

Fresh mozzarella, blood oranges, persimmons, and arugula
Winter Panzanella with Orange, Roasted Beets, and Pomegranate Seeds

7:00-8:30pm – Gold leafing geometric air plant holders

Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème

*** *** ***

The SECOND retreat for December will be the very next evening on Wednesday, December 17th! next week!!!

There will be delicious food and we’ll be gathering together to make pomanders! Each guest will receive the supplies to make six pomanders + a darling bowl to take them home in… and an amazing evening of food and drinks.




The schedule & menu for Wednesday, December 17th:

To Start-
Cider Wassail

A selection of five tapas:
Cream cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms
Spiced Orange glazed chicken lollipops
Tomato, garlic and basil Bruschetta
Pancetta wrapped dates, red wine reduction and feta
Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and puff pastry

Endive, walnuts, pears and gorgonzola
Roasted Brussel sprouts and apple

7:00-8:30 Pomanders

Molten orange chocolate lava cakes


Click here for tickets to the December 17th retreat.

I hope to see you at one retreat or the other next week!!! If you are local and need a christmas gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list… one of these events could be the perfect idea! Check out @mikobowen and @interwoven on instagram for their giveaways to win two *FREE* spots at Tuesdays retreat with Light & Ink! Check out @trishazemp for a giveaway to win two *FREE* tickets to the retreat on Wednesday! You +one could win!!! All winners will be announced this weekend!!!

Photos & Video by: Trisha Zemp Smith


Elf on the Shelf + elf size MINECRAFT box head printable

I had this elf size minecraft box head idea before the holidays last year and just could not find time to get it done – but it came to fruition this year with the help of an Elf minecraft dream team: Lovely Lindsay for the printable design, and Trisha Zemp Smith for the stop motion video – how fun are the finished results??? I LOVE it! I seriously was clapping my hands and laughing over and over during the creation of the video, one of the funnest projects I’ve helped with in a long time. I absolutely loved it and look forward to doing more, soon.

To make the MINECRAFT box head – elf size:

1) Download the printable here.
2) Print it. I recommend using white card stock.
3) Using an exacto knife and ruler for straight lines, cut-out the template:

Trim the template using a ruler and exacto knife via seejaneblog

Trim the circle via SeeJaneBlog

4) Using the same ruler, fold the box where needed:

Turn the template over and fold along all folding edges via SeeJaneBlog

5) Glue where needed:

Glue where needed via SeeJaneBlog

6) Finished box head! Enjoy!!! It will fit all traditional Elf on the Shelf elves, and Barbie’s.

Elf on the Shelf MINECRAFT creeper box head via seejaneblog

Elf on the Shelf MINECRAFT creeper box head ELF size printable via SeeJaneBlog

If you make this box head I would love to see – please share on Instagram with the hash tag #SeeJaneElf

Photos by: Trisha Zemp Smith.



air plant holder with gold leafing class from light and ink little retreat via seejaneblog

I am so pleased to announce that the second L I T T L E R E T R E A T tickets will be available tomorrow! Stay tuned via my account on instagram @see_jane – for the official announcement and link.

Lisa Lewis, the talented, beautiful woman behind LIGHT & INK will be joining me to teach gold leafing. Each guests will receive three of her geometric air plant holders to gold leaf. Plus, three air plants. And, might I mention – the kits will come packaged in the cutest way! This project could be for yourself or a gift for someone else!

As always, the food and drinks will be something to remember. It will be held Tuesday, December 16th 6-9pm.

I hope to see you there!

gold leaf air plant holder from light and ink via seejaneblog

air plant holder little retreat via seejaneblog

geometric planters via seejaneblog

air plant holder with gold leafing lesson from light and ink little retreat via seejaneblog

Photography by: Kiana Rhodes


Our annual holiday card + a giveaway by Sycamore Street Press

sycamore press street personalized custom stamp via seejaneblog

Holidays 2014

Season’s greetings! It’s me, Myla. My mom begged and pleaded and bribed me to write the Christmas newsletter this year. Evidently, she doesn’t have the time to do this task, but a fourteen year old with A.P. classes, hobbies, and an impressive social life does. FYI that was laced with sarcasm since my dad is most proud of us when we are sarcastic. I will attempt to give you an accurate run-down on our life this past year… from my perspective.

family picture by a wood pile via seejaneblog

parents pic via seejaneblog

Dad: “Dad. Walk it off. Quit whining. Just massage it.” Are currently popular phrases in our house, applying the same sensitive approach our Dad has used on us growing up – we are now returning with love – due to his many “mid-life” injuries- torn meniscus, calf tear, degenerative arthritic shoulders, blah,blah,blah.

Mom: She really enjoys the fact that we are “growing” up and able to take care of ourselves – most of the time. Hence, She has attempted to abandon us altogether by going back to school, re-launching her blog, teaching art and design classes, and more. But poor Sela, after seventeen years of parenting Mom is really tired of the toy phase and has nearly rid our house of toys. Its what I’d call a LOSE-win situation in stark contrast to the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” (thanks a lot Covey) that my parents love to preach to us.

teen girl pic via seejaneblog

Kiana: She turned 16 this past February and lets just say it’s been a rollercoaster. Luckily for me she’s making the big mistakes first. She borrowed dad’s car to her best friend (WHO DIDN’T HAVE HER DRIVER’S LICENSE YET) and in the five minutes she drove it, she totaled it. Don’t worry- no one was hurt- just the car. #dadboughtanewtruck – Which leads me to believe this might have been one of his secret schemes all along… he always gets what HE wants.

denim and ankle boots via seejaneblog

Myla (me): I’m currently 14 (not for long). I’m a freshman in High School, thriving amongst my generation Z friends – we are being raised in a highly sophisticated media and computer environment and are likely to be more tech and Internet savvy than any previous generation. Likewise, I spend a portion of my days preparing for and dreaming of conquering the tech world in about ten years – so ADOBE, MICROSOFT, APPLE, GOOGLE, if you’re reading this… Be afraid, be real afraid.

dude via seejaneblog

KJ: He’s a pretty “Swaggah” kid and he pretty much has no problems except with finding the right hair product and having his phone charged enough to last the whole day. He’s extremely respectful to his parents. Earlier this year my dad was trying to explain to KJ something to do with football and when he was done KJ said “Thanks dad for that completely useless piece of information. Now, what is the wifi password?” While golfing (we all took it up this year as a family hobby, including my newbie dad) dad was trying to give KJ a pointer when KJ opined, “This is like the blind leading the blind, huh, dad.”

plaid and a skirt via seejaneblog

Sela: Sela is about as courageous as, a mouse’s shadow. But what she lacks in courage she makes up in kindness, creativity, intelligence, thoughtfulness, just about everything else that is good. Yeah, I’d say she compensates for it. She’s constantly making amazing gifts to show her love for each of us and when I say constantly I mean each of us has a closet full of them. She found one such gift in the garbage and said “Dad, someone threw away this card I made you.” Dad quickly recovered it and said “Now how the hell did that get in there?” Coincidentally, Sela’s swear jar in the house has turned quite a nice little profit this year. Mom and Dad won’t admit it but she is obviously their favorite. The other three of us will spend a lifetime in therapy trying to help us realize we really are important too.

sycamore press street return address stamp via seejaneblog

Seriously though, although we miss our Boston friends, moving back to Utah has been a blast. I’m happy to be a part of this very dysfunctional family. I hope there is a little dysfunctionality in each of your families that makes life fun, because hey not everyone can be perfect like me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, and for you atheists out there “u-huh, sure!” #Sarcasm #Stillloveya #butreally In all seriousness, we wish you the very best for 2015 – lets all make the world a better place to live.

sycamore press street custom rubber stamp via seejaneblog

– Myla, and the rest of the Rhodes family
(We’ll see if they ask me to write the family letter again. ☺)

minimalist letterpress christmas card with custom stamp via seejaneblog

This year, I decided I had to get our holiday cards finished early – during the Thanksgiving break we had last week – before it’s time for my finals in two weeks – or I would never get them done!!! It was a HUGE team effort, many many thanks to MYLA for writing our letter. Thank you to Kiana and the team of teenagers who helped in the assembly line process of putting our cards together, Thank you to Sela-bella for nicely putting on our traditional Ted Williams postage stamps. Thank you to my sweet husband who watched an hour long tv drama, then the entire TOP GUN movie while stamping all of the return address stamps on the back! And – to everyone else who contributed in some way!!! You all helped to keep our tradition alive. Bless you.

One of my favorite details of our cards this year – is the custom stamp by Sycamore Street Press, a local stationery company that has phenomenal style. (The SPS blog is one of my favorites!) Our stamp is the scandi circle custom stamp, and if you are interested in one of these stamps – head over to my instagram account @see_jane to find out how to enter a giveaway to win one! The contest runs December 5th – December 8th with a winner announce on the 8th! Happy, happy holidays!!! xo.

Our family pictures were taken in Lehi, Utah by Becky Kimball. The pictures were printed at Persnickety Prints. Our cards were INSPIRED by Lindsay’s last year christmas cards and are a custom design by myself and Stephanie Ford printed at Paper Bandit Press. The rubber stamp is by Sycamore Street Press.



hanging wreath centerpiece via seejaneblog

The very first little retreat was held in my home last week, where we gathered like family in a room that felt lived in and warm. My heart has been overflowing for a week due to how well the evening was received. Thank you to everyone who participated – Lizy Bowden for teaching us how to make beautiful wreaths out of fresh greenery, the guests for being an absolute joy, and to kitchen.88 for creating delicious food.

The most satisfying thing about the evening was the laughter and kindness that abounded, I cherish events that encourage us to be present to the moment.

I will let these photos speak for themselves, and eagerly await the next little retreat – coming soon.

real christmas tree with pine cones and lights via seejaneblog

little retreats by seejaneblog wreath class with lizy bowden

little retreats dining table via seejaneblog

it's the most wonderful time of the year pillow via seejaneblog

cozy holiday home via seejaneblog

charcuterie boards via seejaneblog

wine choices for little retreats via seejaneblog

diet cokes in mason jars for little retreats via seejaneblog

little retreats by seejaneblog and lizy bowden

little retreat greenery for wreaths by lizy bowden via seejaneblog

little retreats by jane dinner via seejaneblog

greenery to make wreaths for little retreats via seejaneblog

lizy bowden teaching a little retreat via seejaneblog

wreath making supplies for little retreats via seejaneblog

greenery for making wreaths at little retreats by jane via seejaneblog

how to make a wreath by lizy bowden for little retreats via seejaneblog

boxwood and more for wreaths, little retreats via seejaneblog

little retreats wreaths via seejaneblog

little retreats wreath making class via seejaneblog

making wreaths with lizy bowden at a little retreat by jane via seejaneblog

laughter is the best medicine, little retreat by seejaneblog

little retreats guests making wreaths via seejaneblog

roasted apples with cobbler filling for dessert at a little retreat by seejaneblog

wreath making and moscow mules for little retreats by jane via seejaneblog

little retreats wreaths class by lizy bowden via seejaneblog

Photography by: Mindy Johnson




Have you heard of hair painting??? Hair Painting is a hot trend that is here to stay and is a fantastic option to add lightness (or color) around the face or throughout the mid lengths and ends of the hair in a blended and natural way. The application technique allows for a soft diffusion of color drawing the eye down the hair shaft to the lighter focal point.

I’ve been getting highlights and lowlights in my hair over the past twenty years – and every time I go to my local salon and they ask, “What are we doing this time?” I look at my darling stylist and reply, “I don’t know… same old thing – some highlights, mix in some lowlights” and that’s that.

Except last year – when I was new to synthetic hormones my hair wouldn’t lighten. Different. Normal for post-thyroid cancer patients, but different. That could be another post for another day.

You could say I was in a hair color rut and while I’ve been watching the hair painting trend spread through social media like a wild fire this past year I was dying to try it! The best part: Aubrey Nelson who was trained in NYC and an expert at hair painting moved to Salt Lake City, Utah this past year!!!

pre-hair painting via seejaneblog

Both of the above pictures were taken BEFORE. I had a very typical mix of darks/lights in my hair with most of the lightest hair being near my crown.


hair painting by aubrey nelson via seejaneblog

blonde hair painting via seejaneblog

hair painting - very blonde via seejaneblog

The technique of hair painting is an art form. Colorists use a special technique that ditches the foil method and instead color is painted directly onto the hair. It is a free style highlighting technique derived from it’s sister technique “balayage” which was created in Paris over a decade ago. The term “Balayage” means “sweeping” in French and refers to the sweeping motion that is used in carrying out the technique, Balayage is done top to end but not all the way to the root. It brings life back into your strands without a big commitment and creates a beautiful natural looking finish.

blond hair painting by aubrey nelson via seejaneblog

Jane Rhodes hair painted by Aubrey Nelson via seejaneblog

A trained painter uses the way the hair naturally falls to target the placement of color resulting in a softer, more natural, and fluid color. With the combination of application pressures, placement, tonal choices and the painter’s own personal style, the unlimited results of hair painting are what make it unique and the most innovative color technique of it’s time (info from Aubrey Nelson’s site here)

I’m very happy with how it turned out! It does take time, but Aubrey is so talented and committed to the clients finished results. I believe she used three or four toners at the end to reach the exact blonde she thought my hair should be. It took more time than normal but I love it – and will be booking with her again! Aubrey also teaches this technique in workshops across the U.S. – you can find her schedule here and on her instagram @ilovehairpainting.

Have you tried hair painting???

Photos & styling by: Mindy Johnson.



cardboard brownstone houses with lights via seejaneblog

Mr. Bean returned today! He was greeted with squeals of excitement – and this year he brought with him his own cardboard brownstones Mer Mag style housing!!! He has good taste.

This year, Mr. Bean arrived with a note that said the kids could touch him! He requested to be put to bed each night on a sofa in one of the brownstones, and stated that he would move each day to a new location, but it was safe to always move him back to his housing. On the days he doesn’t move – that means the kids have been naughty!

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style - inside the box via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style rooftops via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style party room interiors via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style via seejaneblog interiors

Playful by Merrilee Liddiard via seejaneblog

Playful book by Merrilee Liddiard duct tape cardboard brownstones via seejaneblog

Elf on the shelf duct tape cardboard brownstone mermag style housing via seejaneblog

Playful by Merrilee Liddiard launch party via seejaneblog

In september we partied it up and celebrated the launch of the immensely talented Merrilee Liddiard’s brand new children’s craft book Playful. I have admired Merrilee’s talents for years – she did the illustration for my cheerleader valentine a couple of years ago. Her illustrations are beautiful, and her style for children’s playtime ideas – absolutely genius!

If you are interested in making the duct tape cardboard brownstones – all of the instructions + a template can be found in her book! FYI: these three duct tape cardboard brownstones were so fun to make, but they do take time. It took me a handful of late nights and two all nighters over the past six weeks to get them finished. With that said, I absolutely love them and I KNOW they will get played with every day this month for HOURS. And, we will keep them for a long time to come – I am sure they will get re-decorated all the time. Thank you for the brilliant ideas, Merrilee! xo.


28 days of ideas for ELF ON THE SHELF + GIVEAWAY (you could win ALL of this!) + TWO PRINTABLES

Elf on the Shelf GIVEAWAY via seejaneblog copy

Tis the season for ELF ON THE SHELF!!!

I had so much fun organizing this giveaway two years ago – that I decided it had to be done again!!! As a gesture of gratitude for all of you and in the spirit of giving – thank you, thank you, thank you for your friendship & support here at seejaneblog and in real life. Here are twenty-eight ideas for Elf on the Shelf this year + a chance for someone lucky to WIN ALL OF IT!!!

And! Two festive printables you can use this season for your elf-ing.

Elf on the Shelf with lego advent calendars via seejaneblog

The Elf (hopefully you give it a clever name!) doning BLACK FRAMED GLASSES will arrive in style it’s first day with two sets of advent calendars: Barbie and Star Wars!

Elf on the shelf with cocoa and copper mugs via seejaneblog

Idea two: time for cocoa with copper mugs and candy cane spoons!

Elf on the shelf with Essie polish and chapstick via seejaneblog

Idea three: Take care of your lips during the winter with candy cane chapsticks in cute tin cans (6), and prep your nails for a holiday party with Essie polish!

Elf on the shelf with HUGE jar of crayons and more via seejaneblog

Idea four: We have LOVED our big jar of crayons for years – so, keep busy ALL season with supplies to color: BIG glass jar + six 120-packs of crayola crayons + coloring book + tin supply box.

Elf on the shelf puzzle time via seejaneblog

Idea five: puzzle time!

Elf on the shelf with balancing blocks via seejaneblog

Idea six: Have the Elf hiding somewhere with Balancing Blocks.

Elf on the shelf with Blokus via seejaneblog

Idea seven: Game night with Blokus! A Rhodes family favorite!!!

Elf on the  Shelf time too make cookies via seejaneblog

Idea eight: The elf takes over the kitchen – with a gingerbread ninja kit + cooking attire!

Elf on the Shelf Naughty or Nice Board Game via seejaneblog

Idea nine: We LOVE games – so it’s time for another one!

Elf on the Shelf Fishing via seejaneblog

Idea ten: The elf needs to stay warm in a festive sweater to go fishing!

Elf on the shelf pop-out surprises via seejaneblog

Idea eleven: Hide him somewhere good with these pop-out surprises! (one, two)

Elf on the Shelf reading Once upon a northern night via seejaneblog

Idea twelve: Time to cozy up to a new book – Once upon a northern night.

Elf on the shelf pilot via seejaneblog

Idea thirteen: Watch out! The elf is flying by with his own set of wings, aviator gear, and little planes for the little ones.

Elf on the Shelf and 3d christmas lights glasses via seejaneblog

Idea fourteen: I hope your Christmas tree is up by now – so you can look at it with festive 3-d glasses!

Elf on the Shelf with the Original Miracle Melting Elf via seejaneblog

Idea fifteen: The elf brings a friend to visit – a melting elf!

Elf on the Shelf with Piperoid via seejaneblog

Idea sixteen: The elf brings more friends… only this time, you have to put them together! four PIPEROIDS.

Elf on the shelf with tictacs via seejaneblog

Idea seventeen: With all this company… maybe someone needs a tic-tac?

Elf on the Shelf and Barbie via seejaneblog

Idea eighteen: The elf is a social creature – this time Barbie comes to visit with a new set of modern furniture! And, matching retro glasses!

Elf on the Shelf taking selfies with Barbie via seejaneblog

Elf on the Shelf selfies with Barbie via seejaneblog

Idea nineteen: You can’t have a pretty friend visit without taking some selfies!!! So… elf gets out the Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer + two packs of film! Say cheese!!!

Elf on the shelf crafting with natural beads via seejaneblog

Idea twenty: Time to get creative!!! Using a LOT of natural wooden beads: make necklaces! small, and big!

Elf on the shelf parade of animals with gifts via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-one: Everyone loves a parade! Especially one that brings small gifts and surprises!!! Schleich animals, festive hexbug, JJ’s build-an-animal kit, and more!

Elf on the Shelf report card printable via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-two: It’s almost time for Christmas!!! Time to tell the kids how they have been behaving with “Report Cards!” Download the printable here.

Elf on the Shelf LACE CARDS printable via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-three: More crafting!!! This time, print festive lace cards here, and using plastic yarn needles + yarn practice your sewing skills! (maybe the kids need to stay busy while parents relax from the hustle & bustle of the holidays!!!)

Elf on the shelf and kendama via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-four: Time to kendama!!!

Elf with Faribault mill wool throw via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-five: Is it cold where you live this time of year? Time to hide Elf in a cozy spot wrapped up in his Faribault wool blanket!

Elf on the shelf and masquerade masks for dress-up time via seejanebog

Elf on the shelf and masquerade masks via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-six: Time to dress-up with masks for the kids and Elf!

Elf on the shelf with festive cereal, gold utensils, and acacia bowls via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-seven: Christmas Eve breakfast!!! Maybe a little gift for mom too – four place settings of gold utensils, four acacia bowls, and festive cereal!

Elf on the shelf likes Lindt lindor chocolates via seejaneblog

Idea twenty-eight: The elf arrives for his last time wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with blocks, and one of his favorite treats! BON VOYAGE!!!

Elf on the shelf with christmas blocks and chocolate via seejaneblog

The giveaway is based on a family with four children – and I attempt to cater to a variety of ages: little ones – teenagers.

How to enter:

This will be instagram-based:

(1) follow @see_jane on instagram.
(2) Re-post the very first image in this post (also found on my IG account) on your personal IG account.
(3) Hash Tag #seejaneelf

One out-take:
Hova, the cute puppy elf-photo-bomber:

Elf on the Shelf photobombed by cute dog via seejaneblog

puppy NOT included in the giveaway.

That is it. I will announce the winner on the bottom of this post, and my instagram account on Monday, November 24th. I would like to ship ALL of this to the winner that morning, hoping they will be able to receive it by Thanksgiving, and start their elfing soon after!!! You are welcome to leave comments below – begging, pleading, and/or explaining in more depth why you should be the winner, or someone else. I welcome stories. Good Luck! xo.


I wish I could send you all a box of these treasures, but since that isn’t possible – HUGS, HUGS, HUGS!
THE WINNER IS: SARAH THOMPSON. I’ll be in touch with you soon in regards to delivery!!! CONGRATS! xo.

this giveaway is closed.

Photography & Styling by: Me, Jane Rhodes and Tregan Johnson – the owner of our cute puppy photobomber.



group dinner setup via seejaneblog

see jane setup a party via seejaneblog

bulb lights via seejaneblog

bulb lights and mason jars via seejaneblog

black and red converse via seejaneblog

modern day grease costumes via seejaneblog

Sadie Hawkins dinner via seejaneblog

Grease guys and girls via seejaneblog

bohemian inspired dinner table via seejaneblog

Grease halloween costumes via seejaneblog

Sadie Hawkins group date via seejaneblog

Sadie Hawkins group dinner via seejaneblog

High School group date via seejaneblog

bulb lights party via seejaneblog

mexican blankets and sheepskins via seejaneblog

low tables for dining via seejaneblog

In this post I mentioned that Kiana just went to Sadie Hawkins – a girls choice dance here in Utah. For the group date, I agreed to host all twenty teenagers in her group for dinner. The day after Halloween. In retrospect, WHAT WAS I THINKING??? It was a mad dash to put away Halloween decor, and re-set our house to host!

This past spring and summer I rented farmhouse tables from Alpine Event Rentals twice – after paying for them, my husband decided it was time to build our own and save what it was costing us to rent them each time. It was way more economical. So, the thoughtful man that he is – he made me TWO tables with the help of our best friend Danny. When Alpine Rentals delivers these tables the legs are not attached. They set them up for you – and this got me thinking — I had been pinning images on Pinterest with low table legs — so I asked the guys to make me a set of short 15″ legs AND a set of regular legs so I can switch them back and forth as I want!!! This was the first time to use my new tables AND my first time to host a dinner with guests sitting on the floor. After the years we have spent in Asia, we love it. I hope all of our guests do too!

Even though I was exhausted, I LOVE spending time with these teenagers, and especially a big group of them. The theme for their dance was, “going to the movies,” and their group decided on a modern Grease theme. It was killer.

Cheers to fun years in high school!!!

Photos by: Mindy Johnson


christmas in the fairy garden!


Last weekend we had what is probably our last few days of warmish fall weather, so Sela and I spent most of our Saturday outdoors. We walked around our home snipping sticks and leaves off bushes to use in her fairy garden. Then we decked the gardens for christmas!

This is without question, my favorite toy/kid activity that our family has engaged in over the years. Thomas the train, dinosaurs, board games, Barbie, dolls, blocks, all the phases we have lived through in almost seventeen years of parenting – this is my favorite. I enjoy it ever bit as much as Sela does!





We have been adding to our fairy garden collection for over a year now – and there are some really cute items available to buy – however, our MOST favorite fairy garden pieces are still the ones we create all by ourselves.

For over a year now we have been changing the fairy gardens every season or more – this time we decided it needed a festive teepee! It was so easy to make with a few sticks tied together with a small piece of leather string.



christmas fairy garden via seejaneblog

christmas fairy house via seejaneblog

christmas DIY teepee in the fairy garden via seejaneblog

christmas fairy garden ideas via seejaneblog

Deck the fairy garden via seejaneblog

If you are interested in creating your own fairy gardens – if you live in Utah – check out Sun River Gardens in Orem, if you attend Swiss Days in Midway or Beehive Bazaar in Provo – you might find a booth by My Plum Scrumptious – but you can also purchase items online, you can find the CUTEST items on ETSY, Look online at My Fairy Gardens, and Fairy Garden Store. However, like I already said – the cutest items will be the ones that are homemade!

Photography: First seven photos by Sela, KJ, and I! Last five photos by Becky Kimball Photography.




Last month, I joined forces with Twig Creative to host an event. Twig launched their new “knotical – origami nesting boat” with the cutest play date activities and opportunity to play with the boat, and I used my home combined with MEND juicery and friends to have a FEED supper. I LOVE what the FEED mission is working hard to accomplish – it is such an unbelievable difference around the world between those who are starving and those of us who are blessed in abundance.

We were worried about the weather for weeks leading up to this event – here in Utah, the last few days of October can expose themselves with sun or snow. We lucked out with sunshine and nearly eighty degrees!!! The kiddos were swimming! The mountains were glowing. It was beautiful.

Thank you so dearly to everyone who came, donated, and shared your friendship. Together, we donated almost four thousand meals to those in need! Together, lets keep helping. xo.



















Photos by: Callie Hobbs Photography.






Friends. Friends. Friends. I am so pleased to be sharing with you an idea I have had for years, and it is finally coming to fruition!

I enjoy gathering people together. I have a deep appreciation for good whole food. And, I crave learning. Especially learning a new craft. I frequently plan events that involve my family and closest friends, but this – this could involve all of you. I am going to offer something that embodies people, food, and learning combined:


This is about choosing the real over the virtual, creating something that brings a deeper meaning to our lives. Our days are filled with so many tasks, to-do’s, errands, extravagant checklists, and worries. I want to create a moment in time where we come together, enjoy simple pleasures, and relax.

My goal is to host events – usually at my home – but not always – once a month. Maybe more. Each little retreat will include a meal, and an activity. For the inaugural event – I have teamed up with Lizy Bowden of Lizy’s Lilies to create a natural, fresh, beautiful wreath for the holidays! This will be held at my home on Tuesday evening, November 25th. Two days before Thanksgiving so you can have a calm night out before the preparations for Thanksgiving begin – and you can enjoy your new wreath for the holidays. This is not a gender specific event – Men and Women are welcome. Bring a date, friends, moms, any one you would like! No children under sixteen.


The schedule for the evening is as follows:

6:00-6:30pm Cocktails* & hors d’oeuvres

6:30-7:00pm Dinner

7:00-8:30pm Wreath making with Lizy Bowden – Each guests will receive the supplies needed to create one fresh wreath to take home and enjoy during the holidays!

8:30-9:00pm Dessert

Tickets for this little retreat are $100/guest, and will be available on EventBrite later this week. *When purchasing your tickets, if you are interested in an optional alcoholic beverage – please state so in the notes section. A menu for the evening will be sent out in an email confirmation prior to the event. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let me know ahead of time. I will be announce when tickets are LIVE on my instagram account – @see_jane.

I love a life full of warmth, laughter, and friends – I can’t wait to host you. xo.

Jane's feet and wreath


If you feel you have a craft or idea that would be a good fit for LITTLE RETREATS, please email me your ideas at jane(at)prolook(dot)com – I look forward to hearing from you.

Beautiful photography by Becky Kimball.


festive packaging

packaging with antler, disclaimer- no reindeer were hurt in the wrapping of this gift, via seejaneblog

antlers and gift wrap via seejaneblog

artificial succulents as gift toppers via seejaneblog

birch sticks as gift topper via seejaneblog

christmas packaging via seejaneblog

::Thank you:: to EVERYONE who came to my gift wrapping class last week at Gatehouse No.1!!! It was wonderful to have such a big crowd, and so many beautiful, smiling faces when I was sharing ideas for this season.

A quick re-cap: I like to use part of the gift as the topper on the package. It’s like gift-anticipation-overload! A couple of ideas: antlers are a hot item in home decor right now – choose a nice coffee table book for someone, and then tie the antler on top of the package – when it’s all open they can put the book on display on their living room table, AND the antler!

Another idea: I adore succulents, but artificial succulents are even easier to take care of! Choose a unique piece of pottery or a vase as the gift, and use artificial succulents on top of the wrapped package. When it’s all open: they have the plant & pottery ready to use!

Lastly, go outdoors and find natural elements to use on your gifts – like birch sticks. Small pieces of pine. I’ve been pinning lots of ideas lately on my “packaging” pinterest board – check it out!

Happy gift wrapping, friends! ‘Tis the season!!! xo.


tennis party

tennis party via seejaneblog

tennis party - oversized black and white paper prints via seejaneblog

tennis party place card holders with pictures and tennis balls via seejaneblog

tennis party tennis cupcakes via seejaneblog

As I mentioned in the last post, Myla’s high school tennis season ended with a banquet/party!

There was an entire team of moms who helped plan the bash. I decorated the tables, and planned HUGE prints to hang around the room of the seniors. After the party, each of the seniors took their larger than life photos home with them. If you are interested in printing images this big – at an affordable price – it’s so easy:

1) Put the images you want to print on a thumb drive.
2) Go to your local Staples store with the thumb drive.*
3) Print the images as big as you can with their assistance. Typically, the biggest print is 36″x48″ (I learned this from printing Caravan Shoppe prints!) and it cost only $6 to print! But, if you are willing to work with them a bit – they helped me figure out how to get the tennis shots almost life-size. They were cropped about 36″x 60″+, each one was a little different.

*It’s also an option to submit the photos online.  This idea could be adopted to a LOT of events: birthdays, end of school year programs, scouts – any time you are honoring someone: make a HUGE print of them! Also, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to print family photos for a bedroom or area of your house – try this!

For the tennis ball place card holders:

1) Use a knife – make a small cut in the top of the tennis ball, it’s fairy easy.
2) Place the photo or paper in the slit to put it on display!
3) My husband cut 2″ PVC piping in to half inch little rings, so the tennis balls wouldn’t roll around – instead – they had a mini display stand.
4) I cropped the photos I used in to squares and had them all printed locally at Persnickety Prints – they offer a 2″x2″ square photo with a white trim! The team pictures were also printed there.

















My Myla just finished her freshman year of high school tennis. She has been playing tennis since she was seven, and devoting a lot of time to her training since she was nine. But, this was her first time to be on a tennis team and she absolutely loved it. The season went by way too fast. I went with her one weekend in September when the team had a tournament in St. George, Utah. I stayed in a rented house with all twenty girls and I don’t remember ever laughing so hard. These girls are sweethearts. They are clever. Smart. Hilarious. And, they are killer tennis players. I feel so fortunate that Myla has so many good friends to go through high school with.

At the end of the season, about three weeks ago, the team had a banquet and I created a video of memories for the girls:

During the banquet, the coach gave out some very notable awards. Myla was highly recognized for her character, hard work, friendliness, team spirit – you name it, I can’t even remember everything it mentioned, but I thoroughly believe she deserved it. She worked so hard, and is so fiercely genuine. My moosey is golden. And, she finished the season in J.V. first singles.

I can’t wait till next year!

Photography by: Mindy Johnson.


come one, come all: FREE gift wrapping class this Friday at Gatehouse no.1 in Orem!

minimalist style gift packaging

simple gift wrapping via seejaneblog

simple gift toppers via seejaneblog

festive gift toppers via seejaneblog

festive style via seejaneblog

Locals! Tomorrow: Friday, November 7th – I will be co-teaching a class at Gatehouse No.1 in Orem, Utah at NOON. I will be sharing my favorite gift toppers for this season and some simple, beautiful ways to wrap gifts! Lizy Bowden of Lizy’s Lilies will be teaching how to make a garland and wreath for the festive season ahead!

If you follow me on instagram then be sure to enter the giveaway I have posted! TEN winners during the class will receive some of my favorite choices for ribbons and more!

Photography: Mindy Johnson.


Big Love Ball

big love ball via seejaneblog one

I don’t know how many areas of the U.S. or the world have this tradition? But here in Utah – teenagers and college students are really creative when they ask someone to a school dance.  Since I lived through this cultural custom growing up (and enjoyed it!) and I am now assisting my teenagers with the same tradition, I thought I’d start a series with original ideas of how to ask someone to prom! or Sadie Hawkins.  Or Morp (prom backwards). Or Sweethearts.  Or, Homecoming.  Or, whatever dances you may have at your local schools!

This past month, Kiana asked her friend Jordy to Sadie Hawkins.  Which is a girls-choice dance.  I had a friend tell me about the Big Love Ball a few weeks ago and the instant I saw it I’ve been looking forward to a good reason to use one!  This was it:

big love ball via seejaneblog three

big love ball via seejaneblog four

big love ball via seejaneblog ten

Our big papi helped Kiana do this job because it was a big task getting the big love ball across town! It’s five feet wide!!! They transported it in his truck, and then tied it to the top of her future dates truck. This was all being done while her friend was playing in a football game – the plan was that he would leave the game and find the big surprise!

big love ball via seejaneblog twelve

big love ball via seejaneblog eleven

big love ball via seejaneblog five

big love ball via seejaneblog six

Did you notice something? Did you notice the big love ball was tied to the top of TWO different trucks? Yeah. That’s because they tied it on top of the WRONG truck the first time!!!

big love ball via seejaneblog seven

big love ball via seejaneblog eight

For those of you who might be curious as to how Jordy answered: He left a box of fresh hot Krispy Kreme donuts on our doorstep late one night with the top of the box open – it said on the inside – I dough-nut want to go with anyone else but you to Sadie Hawkins! p.s. I’m So excited! It was cute. And delicious! And, the dance was last night – we hosted the dinner at our house for twenty kids in the group that went together! It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend with Halloween. I’ll be posting pics soon of the dinner!

Readers, is this a tradition where you live? If you like this idea but the big love ball is just too big – there are LOTS of different ways you could use this same idea – the big love ball comes in small sizes too! Be creative!

Photos by: Mindy Johnson (she was so wonderful to go take pictures of this for me – because I was in class on this particular night!)


G.I. Jane and my troops

The Rhodes have been deployed to bootcamp for Halloween!



We have deep soft spots in our hearts for the national guard. And it was an easy decision to pick this theme for our family this year – however, Mr. Rhodes was the most excited. He has said numerous times over the years that he wishes he would have spent time in the forces, and this guy was a kid at heart when it came to dressing up.

We took our family to the local Army/Navy store weeks ago to pick out these costumes and dog tags, we purchased some items used, and some new. Mr. Rhodes wanted all legit-used pieces, and on the day we took these pictures, he ran to Starbucks to get a coffee – and had his little moment of glory pretending to be a real soldier running around town.

G.I. Jane and my troops costumes via seejaneblog

G.I. Jane and my troops costumes II via seejaneblog



G.I. Jane and troops costumes via seejaneblog


G.I. Jane and troops costumes IV via seejaneblog

Company MARCH!!! Right, Left, Right, Left… Company HALTTT



Our mission is to report to basic training (aka: trick-or-treating) and BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

Do you have plans to dress-up this year? This might be our last time to attempt a family theme, we’ve only done it a few times, but with my older kiddos growing up – times are changing, and they are interested in making costume-plans with friends now… maybe, Dusty Rhodes will wear this costume every year he likes it so much!

If interested, I posted a fifteen second video of us in character on my instagram account @see_jane, #rhodesfamilyfilm!

This costume could be easy to throw together with how trendy camo and the color army green are right now! look in your closets for pieces of clothing – my older girls opted to wear black leggings. Our black combat boots are from Target. Temporary tattoos via tattly, you can’t see any of our army patches close-up in these pictures but we had a lot of fun choosing them – we each had an approropate ranking for our family, KJ and Myla had patches that say, “zombie hunters!” and more. you can get really creative with this detail. you can get free tires (locally) from Discount Tires if you need an obstacle course!

photos by Becky Kimball Photography.


lake powell + how-to steps to creating videos!

Hey friends. On my last video post I had a few inquiries about how I create the videos. I’d love to give you a few tips, and answer ANY questions you have but keep in mind this is the short version of instructions!

1 – I use my iPhone 5S for ALL of my footage. (I am DYING to get my hands on the new iPhone 6 just because I hear the camera is so much better!!!) I shoot everything with my phone horizontally, always tipping my phone to the left – in the same direction each time I take a video. If you don’t shoot it the same way, you can later edit it and flip it around or zoom-in later in iMovie but it’s an extra step or two to do so.

2 – I take a LOT of video. I’m positive I annoyed my family and friends when I first started doing this, they would all give me the “you’re kind of interesting, Jane” look when caught taking videos over and over and over. But, I feel like once they figured out what I was doing with the videos – they loved it and patiently embrace me now and accept my quirky video obsession.

3. I create and edit the videos in iMovie. I don’t feel that I’m good enough at doing this yet to give you my own tutorial. Technology for me is a live-and-learn, trial-and-error experience. This is a great place to start if you need help! Remember: when using ANY types of technology or new programs – if you have a challenge, GOOGLE the problem, I’d dare say that 100% of the time you will find your answers online to anything you need!!!

4. I created an account with vimeo, this allows me to have an online space to keep the videos organized publicly and to get a code to embed them here, etc. – I also have a Youtube account but feel vimeo is where more independent, artistic videos are being shared and I like the platform just a snitch better.

5. Have fun!!! If any of you make a video and post it somewhere, I’d love to see it! Or, let me know if you have questions you can’t find answers to – I will do my best to help!

* This past summer we made our first trip back to Lake Powell since returning to Utah. This trip REALLY made us feel like we were back in our stomping grounds. Dusty Rhodes would like to live at Lake Powell all summer. And I’m pretty sure our kids would agree! I think I’d LOVE it till one of the big notorious wind storms hit, and then I’d be done. The mix of sunshine, the outdoors, and lake for a week is a good combo, especially when you add friends, fun, and good food! However: when you see the kids having a whipping cream fight… someone on our trip had suggested a shaving cream fight – Because this was new to us I thought the shaving cream might burn the kids’ eyes, so I planned whipping cream instead. NOT A GOOD IDEA. The kids jumped in the lake after to clean-up, but a few hours later and the next morning – some of them started to smell like SOUR MILK. IT WAS AWFUL. Each time I hugged them, I was gagging from the smell, and BEGGING them to shower. Use shaving cream!



Selabration number eight!

flamingo birthday party via seejaneblog

flamingo party in the courtyard via seejaneblog

Our baby girl turns EIGHT today. It has been the fastest eight years of my life. Sela thinks she has waited f-o-r-e-v-e-r to be eight. Like: we started talking about this flamingo party last SPRING. She was already putting in her request for another doll party. And deep inside as much as I love observing her love of all things doll – I did not feel like planning another doll party. So, as we continued to discuss ideas I tried to think of the most pink-girly-things that would intrigue her… sans barbies, etc. – when the flamingo idea came to mind! At this time, I hadn’t seen anything new or trendy with flamingos. And best of all, Sela LOVED the idea! she was CRAZY about the idea!!!

So. We started planning on the down low. Some time the end of May I told my friend Becky and she loved the idea too. Not soon after I received an invite to Alison’s flamingo FEST dance party. And about died of disappointment that a flamingo party was being planned on the social media scene. THEN, before Alison’s party, Silhouette America hosted one of the dinners I went to at Alt. Summit (a blogging conference) and used flamingos for their theme. THEN, I think every clothing line we like – crewcuts, GAP, Target, even my favorite children’s clothing store in the Philippines – Gingersnaps – had flamingos show up in their summer clothing lines. So, maybe it was sub-conscious and I didn’t realize I had already seen flamingos everywhere. But, six months ago, Sela and I thought we were reviving an idea for a party that hadn’t been over-used yet, and obviously, we were not. We are digging on flamingos just like the rest of the world!

The past six months of planning have felt like a lifetime for Sela! She has had a countdown on her bedroom wall till her party – there were weeks of little boxes she’s been checking off day by day. I think it’s safe to say, it runs in our blood to WANT to selabrate. It’s a NEED. So. We partied last Saturday with all of sela’s closest friends and our family. And today – her official birthday – our family has been extra lovin’ on her all day long. Because she’s sooo easy to love.

flamingos in the fairy gardens II via seejaneblog

The day before Sela’s party, I surprised her with these mini mini flamingo’s in her fairy gardens. They are just about the cutest little things I ever have seen – and she flipped out over them!

flamingo party in the fairy gardens via seejaneblog

mini mini flamingos in the fairy garden via seejaneblog

I had this idea: to have pink hair tips & wear pink eyelashes for the party!!! Sela loved both these ideas, about three weeks ago we tested out the eyelashes and it was really easy to put them on her – and me. She even cut one pair in half and put them on her dolls, it was super cute and fun. THEN, the day of the actual party came, and about thirty minutes before the party, I put my pink eyelashes on, Sela said she changed her mind and didn’t want to wear them. Which was fine.

I walked into our kitchen – where most of our family was and received some raised eyebrows and funny looks.

woah, mom. blank stares.

me: do you guys like my eyelashes?

Dusty Rhodes: Did you look in a mirror?

flamingo party pink eyelashes

Needless to say, Sela’s expression above – examining the eye lashes up close – spoke a thousand words. Right after these pictures, I ran to the bathroom and took them off. change of plans. Mom looked ridiculous. we are NOT wearing pink eyelashes for this party, Mom or the girls.

But. one more picture for memory’s sake, I will probably never wear pink lashes again…

flamingo party PINK eyelashes via seejaneblog

flamingo party cake via seejaneblog

flamingo party flamingo cookies via seejaneblog

Rustic flamingo party via seejaneblog

flamingo party details via seejaneblog

flamingo party mother daughter via seejaneblog

The girls all watercolored flamingos – this is the result of the momma planning the party currently taking a watercolor class. I attempted to give them a crash course in about 30 seconds. It took all the energy I had to speed talk as their minds were DYING to rip into those supplies and get started. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them each create their own unique pieces of art.

flamingo party watercolor printable via seejaneblog

watercolor flamingos via seejaneblog

flamingo party activities via seejaneblog

flamingo party neon hair spray for pink tips via seejaneblog

flamingo party watercolor via seejaneblog

flamingo BINGO via seejaneblog

flamingo bingo at a flamingo party via seejaneblog

flamingo party birthday cake via seejaneblog

flamingo birthday party CAKE time via seejaneblog

flamingo party pinata indoors via seejaneblog

flamingo birthday party pinata via seejaneblog

Sela also had the idea before the party to have the girls have a “flamingo contest” by standing on one leg. It was really fun. They all did so good too! We did about eight rounds, while I was timing them – those that made it to one minute, then I had them raise their arms, at two minutes they had to go on relevé, or in non-ballet terms: their tippy toes! There are some serious little yogi’s at this age, they were good!

It was the funnest, PINKEST day of our lives. We flamingled our little hearts out!


party details: The wildly adorable mini mini fairy garden flamingo’s found here. Yard flamingos here. You can download the free printable flamingo to paint or color here. I found all the watercolor arts supplies we used locally at Hobby Lobby. Download the free adorable “flamingo bingo” here (if you use either of the printables, please give credit and I’d love to see your projects!) – just add numbers with a marker. Make sure to do it correctly! In sporadic order, only 1-5’s in the B column, 6-10’s in the I, 11-14 in the N, 15-20 in the G, and 21-25 in the O! I just kept a list of what I had called and wrote it down. The mini yard flamingos for bingo can be found here. Bamboo plates and utensils found here. Flamingo straws here. Sugar cookies here. Cake ordered locally here. Candles are from here. The flamingo pinatas were from a local party store – Zurchers. We attempted to use hair chalk for our hair tips and it didn’t work well, I also had neon pink hair spray as back-up and it worked so good! Found at a local party store – Partyland. The gold cake topper – was an item I was able to keep after the ‘Silhouette America‘ Alt. Summit dinner party this past June. They used smaller plastic flamingos and spray painted them gold – Thank you, Silhouette!

you can see previous selabrations here: two, three, four, five, six, seven!

Printables designed by lovely Lindsay for seejaneblog. Beautiful event pictures by Becky Kimball photography! xo.

© 2014 jane rhodes.